Green Horizon was founded by passionate sustainability experts, environmentalists, and business professionals who recognised the urgent need to address global challenges like climate change, social inequality, and ethical governance. Our diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in sustainability, finance, and corporate governance make us committed to delivering innovative solutions that create a harmonious balance between economic growth, social progress, and environmental stewardship.

Our Programmes

Sustainability & ESG Training and Workshops: Our customised training programs equip businesses and professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of #esg and #sustainability. These workshops empower participants to drive meaningful change within their businesses and industries.


Sustainability Business Champion (White Belt)

12th September 2023

  • Description: The programme aims to introduce the principles of sustainability and their practical application in business. The programme is designed to help participants understand the importance of sustainability and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to sustainability efforts in their businesses and communities.
  • Cost = €299.00
  • Dates = 12.09.23


Sustainable Futures: Mastering ESG in Action – Developing and Implementing Effective Strategies (Yellow Belt)

2 Days 21st November 2023 & 05th December 2023

  • Description: This programme focuses on the implementation of sustainability and ESG in practice. The programme provides participants with an understanding of sustainability principles and their practical application in various fields, specifically focusing on ESG.
  •  Cost = €585.00
  •  Dates = 2 Days 21.11.23 & 05.12.23


Mastering Sustainability and ESG for Business Excellence: Developing Strategies, Executing Projects, and Communicating Impact Through Reporting (Green Belt)

26th September 2023 & 17th October 2023 & 28th November 2023

  • Description: This programme focuses on developing practical sustainability and ESG management skills and implementing strategies to drive business success. The programme is designed to accelerate sustainable business transformation concerning decarbonisation and ESG strategies in organisations. Delivered over 3 days
  • Cost = 1300.00
  • Dates = 26.09.23 & 17.10.23 & 28.11.23
  • 1 to 1 TBC


Navigating ESG Materiality Assessments: Building a Strong Business ESG Foundation

December 14th 2023

  • Description:The programme aims to provide participants with an understanding of how to identify, evaluate and prioritise ESG issues that are material to their business operations, stakeholders and overall strategy.
  • Cost €299.00
  • Dates = 14.12.23


Empowering Your Business: Practical Energy Essentials for Sustainable Success

November 2nd 2023

  • Description:The programme aims to introduce the principles of energy management and decarbonisation. The programme is designed to give participants a basic understanding of energy management, decarbonisation strategies, and the tools and techniques necessary to identify, measure, and manage a business’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. Participants will understand the benefits of implementing these practices and practical application opportunities in their organisations.
  • Cost €299.00
  • Dates = 02.11.23


Unlocking Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) Mastery: Essential Strategies and Implementation

October 31st 2023

  • Description:Since January 2023, the scope of reporting requirements and introduce new reporting standards, including mandatory sustainability reporting for all large companies and new reporting requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The programme aims to introduce the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) principles and requirements. The programme will help businesses prepare for the new reporting requirements and ensure compliance with the directive.
  • Cost €299.00
  • Dates = 31.10.23


Comprehensive Sustainability Financial, Technical and Management Funding, Support and Resources

Date TBC

  • Description: The programme aims to provide participants with an understanding of the various funding and support options available to help businesses implement sustainable practices, including financial incentives, technical assistance, and management support. The course aims to help businesses identify and access the necessary resources to develop and implement effective sustainability initiatives.
  • Cost TBC
  • Dates TBC