2050 Sustainability Hackathon with GreenTechHQ powered by the NDRC is on Saturday, 9th March in Enniscorthy at Senan House.

Registration for the #2050 Sustainability Hackathon with ourselves at GreentechHQ and powered by the NDRC is now……OPEN

Greentech HQ, was proud to announce its partnership with the NDRC to host the first 2050 Sustainability Hackathon. This collaboration signifies a remarkable milestone in Ireland’s journey towards fostering sustainability-focused start-ups. The event, the first of its type in Ireland, is set to unfold over the evening of March 8th and all day Saturday, the 9th of March. It promises to bring together up to 50 participants, igniting collaboration and innovation to tackle a diverse range of sustainability challenges.

Throughout this intensive weekend, teams will receive invaluable mentorship from accomplished entrepreneurs and sustainability visionaries hailing from across Ireland. With an increasing number of sustainability-focused funds emerging in the country and a burgeoning demand for talent, this edition of NDRC’s Founder Weekend aims to empower and propel the growth of sustainability-focused start-ups. Participants can come with ideas they want to work on or they will be provided with challenges.

Are you ready to change the world? Join us for a 1-day sprint for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and curious minds to explore and advance their ideas in sustainability innovation. This hackathon is designed to provide you with the teammates, mentorship, and guidance to transform your idea into a real business with positive impact. If you are passionate about sustainability and think you have an innovative idea to change the world – this is for you.

Do you…

  • Have an idea but don’t know where to start?

  • Want to see your tech idea brought to life in 1 day?

  • Have no idea but want to get involved in a team?

  • Want to spend a day with startups and entrepreneurs?

  • Want to meet aspiring entrepreneurs as well as mentors?

  • Want to learn new entrepreneurial skills?

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