Leading climate acceleration programme – ClimAccelerator 2023/24

Gateway to EU for Global innovation

Opportunity for climate tech companies: join Europe’s leading climate acceleration programme and take advantage of the climate tech opportunity 

GreenTechHQ, Ireland’s First Sustainability Innovation Hub with Tangent, Trinity College Dublin and SustainabilityWorks launched the sixth cycle of the GLOBAL leading climate acceleration programme circular-accelerator.com.  The Built Environment Climaccelerator programme’s aim is to cut carbon emissions in the built environment and construction sector by helping SMEs and start-ups bring their solution to market faster, solving real-world problems. EIT Climate-KIC supports the programme, which is one of the most established and best-connected climate accelerators in the EU, and is delivered in partnership with Tangent, Trinity College Dublin, GreenTechHQ, Ireland’s Sustainability Innovation Hub and SustainabilityWorks.

During the six-month programme, participants engage with a first-rate network of international partners from the EIT Climate-KIC community, universities and investors to corporate partners who need net-zero solutions, and a network of mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and founder alumni.

The Built Environment ClimAccelerator will provide commercial and strategic support combined with a tailor-made accelerator programme that is climate impact focused. The programme is a combination of workshops, coaching and learning from peers, a proven model that has supported many companies, including Concrete4Change. Since participating in the programme, Concrete4Change, has grown from a “2021 start-up of 2 people with a €10k turnover to 20 people and €4m turnover in 2023

As the climate crisis focuses on current and future risks, there is a growing understanding of the need to decarbonise key sectors within the global economy quickly. Buildings are responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions, so it is essential to decarbonise the built environment if net-zero 2050 goals are to be met. Recognising the need to commercialise and scale companies with innovative solutions to decarbonise the built environment sector, Europe’s leading Climate Accelerator is again open for applications from start-ups and SMEs with a climate tech solution. By joining this programme, companies can help flip the narrative from ‘risk’ to ‘opportunity’.

“Europe’s Built Environment ClimAccelerator offers an unparalleled opportunity for climate tech companies to drive real change in the construction sector. Through this comprehensive programme, start-ups and SMEs can harness the power of innovation to transform the built environment, accelerating our path toward net-zero carbon and seizing the immense potential for sustainable growth.” – Ed Murphy, Founder of GreenTechHQ.

We will be opening submission for the 2024/25 programme.  Who should join the programme?

A central focus of the Built Environment ClimAccelerator programme is the construction industry, as it is one of the most significant contributors to carbon emissions, the programme recognises that the built environment straddles infrastructural, transport and logistics verticals too.

The Built Environment ClimAccelerator is looking for starts-ups/ SMEs with innovative solutions in:

  • Low carbon and green design
  • Circular materials
  • Modern Methods of Construction
  • Energy systems
  • Maintenance systems
  • Biodiversity (where there are clear links between nature and the built environment)
  • Transport and equipment
  • Monitoring and reporting

This is not an exhaustive list, so any company with an innovative solution to help the built environment sector decarbonise should submit its application.

How to submit your application

We are looking for start-ups and SMEs worldwide to join us on this 7-month commercialisation journey. The programme will be delivered remotely from Dublin, Ireland. If you’re interested, please visit our website for more information about the programme, eligibility criteria and what buttons to click to submit your application.


For further information please contact Liz McGonigal 0873777335 or liz.mcgonigal@greentechhq.com