Greentech HQ has partnered with AIB to provide a range of SME specific sustainability courses at our purpose-built facility in Wexford, at selected venues across the south east and online (specific dates TBC for online) .

Courses are designed to demystify the sustainability topic, assist with identification of the challenges and opportunities posed by incoming regulation – while also helping businesses bring tangible sustainable practices to their operations.

The Sustainability Champion course aims to build awareness, knowledge, and skills, the programme aims to empower individuals to make positive changes in their organisations and communities, and to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

Our Programmes

Sustainability & ESG Training and Workshops: Our customised training programs equip businesses and professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of #esg and #sustainability. These workshops empower participants to drive meaningful change within their businesses and industries.


Sustainability Business Champion (White Belt)

  • Description:

    This programme helps businesses understand the Sustainability ‘Why’ and provides participants with the knowledge operationalise their sustainability journey to achieve measurable outcomes.

    This programme demonstrates commitment to developing your team’s knowledge and skills to create a culture of sustainability within the business.

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  • Cost = €299
  • Dates = Tuesday, 13th February
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Sustainable Futures: Mastering ESG in Action – Developing and Implementing Effective Strategies (Yellow Belt)

2 Day course

  • Description: This programme focuses on the implementation of sustainability and ESG in practice. The programme provides participants with an understanding of sustainability principles and their practical application in various fields, specifically focusing on ESG.
  •  Cost = €585.00
  •  Dates = 2 Day course – dates TBC
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Mastering Sustainability and ESG for Business Excellence: Developing Strategies, Executing Projects, and Communicating Impact Through Reporting (Green Belt)
  • Description: This programme focuses on developing practical sustainability and ESG management skills and implementing strategies to drive business success. The programme is designed to accelerate sustainable business transformation concerning decarbonisation and ESG strategies in organisations. Delivered over 3 days
  • Cost = 1300.00
  • Dates = One on one consultation
  • 1 to 1 TBC
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