Breandán Goss

Categories: Mentors

Professional Background

Trinity College Dublin is a partner of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a unique EU initiative that boosts innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. It supports the development of dynamic pan-European partnerships between leading universities, research labs and industry partners through the offices of Tangent, Trinity’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. I lead innovation and accelerator activities that expedite the commercial validation and growth of start-ups/scalers across numerous industrial verticals including AI, Health and Climate-tech. I’m a senior leader in other EU-funded strategic innovation initiatives that pertain to TCD across the Horizon Europe community. This role requires a unique balance between a disruptive entrepreneurial spirit and the capability to get things done within the confines of a large higher educational public sector institution and its European funding partners. I am also involved in transformational learning experiences that facilitate personal and professional growth and enable the translation of knowledge and ideas into innovative products, services and policies of the future. Before my journey with Tangent began, I ran my own business for ten years and have been providing and have been strategy, innovation, fund raising and enterprise development (management, scaling, sales etc.) advice to businesses since 2008.

Areas of Expertise

  • Start Up Development
  • Sustainability
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance & Investment
  • Sustainability & Green Technologies
  • Networking & Relationships

Availability and Commitment

Relatively flexible with a sufficient heads-up!