Introduction to Sustainability for Businesses

Categories: Training Courses

This workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of sustainability, its relevance in today’s world, and the opportunities it presents. The session will cover key terms, challenges, business opportunities, international legislation, and case studies. Participants will engage in an activity to apply their knowledge and have an opportunity for Q&A.

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the concept of sustainability and its importance.
  • Recognise the challenges and impacts of climate change.
  • Identify business opportunities associated with sustainability.
  • Be familiar with key international legislation and standards.
  • Analyse real-world case studies to gain practical insights.
  • Apply their knowledge through an interactive activity.
  • Have their questions on sustainability addressed through a Q&A session.
  • Create an inventory of current actions and initiatives at their organisation that relate to sustainability
  • Identify and prioritise next actions to continue the sustainability journey of the business.

* This is an online workshop which will include breakout rooms, group discussions and activities.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

CPD Credits: 3

Cost: €499 (Up to 12 people from your business)