GreenTechHQ partners with Power of Seven Strategic Leadership Programme









GreentechHQ partnered with   Power of Seven Strategic Leadership Programme, whose aim is to support business owners and leaders.  The aim of the programme is to facilitate the coming together of a supportive group of seven like-minded peers to share insights and experiences.

Lead by BARRY Walsh, founder of Galway based ‘Power of Seven’, the aim is to enable leaders who often have no avenue of inviting objective feedback from their peers in trying to move their business forward and to become more strategic about their businesses and their own leadership.

It explores the successful mindsets and tools that deliver a competitive strategic edge and establish a new vision of success both for your business and yourself. The GreenTechHQ Power of Seven aims to support, inspire and challenge a person to strategically develop their business so that it is working for them.

CEO and founder of GreenTechHQ Ed Murphy was a member of a Power of Seven group for a number of years and improved his own strategic leadership as well as deriving many other benefits that led him to sell his very successful national home care business and latterly printing franchise.

To secure the future of a business is the need to work ‘on’ the business (strategic activity) while most business owners and CEOs spend most of their time working ‘in’ their businesses (operational activity). While this is critically important, of more importance for the future of the business, is the need to work ‘on’ the business (strategic activity).

Strategic thinking and acting is a different mindset than operations. It requires a leader to be more future orientated, to think bigger, outside the box and look for opportunities to connect the dots and develop strategic relationships.

Strategic leaders have clarity on the way forward, they have a clear vision of the future and a strategic roadmap on how to get there. The GreenTechHQ Power of Seven programme will help selected leaders achieve that.

“The benefit I got from my Power of Seven group was phenomenal, through the shared learning, powerful conversations, insightful feedback from a group of professional friends I developed myself and my business to reach heights I’d never imagined. I am bringing this programme to the South East with the hope that it can help local leaders in the same way” Ed Murphy CEO, GreenTech HQ.

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