What is GreenTechHQ…. Are you sitting comfortably?

What is GreenTechHQ…. Are you sitting comfortably, let us fill you in.

GreenTechHQ is Ireland’s Sustainability Innovation Hub in Wexford helps companies develop and grow their business base.  GreenTechHQ help take your business to the next level and propel your business growth.  We connect businesses with investors, corporations, mentors, and provide training and a range of services aimed at heightening your business returns like marketing, legal & financial advice.

Advancing the World of Health. Ed Talks to David Clerkin of BD

Advancing the World of Health…Ed Talks to David Clerkin of BD

Ed Murphy, the CEO of  GreentechHQ  chats to David M Clerkin, Senior Engineering & NPI Operations Manager for BD. A global medical technology company #BD is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care.

David chats to Ed (GreenTechHQ) about his personal journey, advances in technology and his interest in the work he does. It is an insightful and informative chat and one we hope you’ll enjoy watching, it’s clear he throughly enjoys what he does!

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