Are you a forward-thinking entrepreneur aged 20-30, on the lookout for an innovation hub that understands your unique aspirations? Look no further! Greentech HQ is not just a space; it’s your launchpad to success.


**Global Innovation Hub**

Step into a world-class environment that breathes innovation. At Greentech HQ, we’re more than just a place to work – we’re a thriving community of like-minded visionaries. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs from Ireland and around the world, exchanging ideas and inspiration that fuel growth.

**Next-Level Workspace**

Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the extraordinary. Located in Wexford’s only fully passive Class A office building, our spaces are designed to elevate your work experience. Equipped with ready-to-go fitted desks and spaces, including blazing-fast 1 G broadband, we offer the tools you need to propel your startup to new heights.

**Customization for Your Vision**

Whether you’re flying solo or have a dynamic team, Greentech HQ has you covered. From single desks to spaces for up to 5 members, our flexibility suits your needs. Dream big with floors and part floors spanning 250 sq m areas or even entire 1000 sq m floors. Your journey, your way – we offer 35-year leases for you to shape your destiny.

**Thriving Community**

The heartbeat of Greentech HQ is the synergy of collaboration. Here, you’ll rub shoulders with the architects of tomorrow’s successes. Join hands with fellow innovators and immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere that nurtures growth, ideas, and lasting relationships.

**Sustainability at Heart**

At Senan House, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the green path. Our partner, an all-green training company, empowers your workforce with ISO-standard certifications aligned with your CSR goals. When your team can see it, they can be it. Let us help you build a workforce that echoes your commitment to sustainability.

**Your Forever Home for Success**

Are you ready for a workspace that aligns with your journey? Whether you’re a startup scaling up or an established venture in need of a fresh perspective, Senan House welcomes you home. Join the Greentech movement and transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

**Enquire Now**

Discover the limitless possibilities awaiting you at Greentech HQ. Slide into our DMs or drop us an email at to start your entrepreneurial journey today. Let’s build the future together!

Why Join?

Four Key Reasons to Join GreenTechHQ.

Unparalleled Network
Unparalleled Network: Access a diverse community of trailblazing entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and industry experts eager to guide you on your journey.
Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Leverage top-tier amenities, including high-speed connectivity, versatile workspaces, and dedicated areas for multimedia collaborations.
Sustainability Focus
Sustainability Focus: Immerse yourself in a hub dedicated to driving sustainable solutions and combating climate change – your passion will find its perfect home here.
Collaborative Support
Comprehensive Support: Benefit from a rich tapestry of events, programmes, and support services designed to nurture your growth, from idea generation to implementation.

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